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Customize ERP

jaMi ERP is dedicated to building dynamic business management software solutions that are designed to maximize the efficient management of your business. We develop our products so that our customers can easily choose from a complete web-based ERP solution that works for the following markets.

Integrated Accounting :
Companies can benefit greatly from our Mother accounting solutions designed to easily accommodate growth and smoothly migrate to the next level of Update in our JaMi ERP Software family.

At JaMi ERP Software, the functional needs of manufacturers are a major focus. Our solutions span the spectrum from small, custom job shops to multiple warehouse operations and process manufacturers. Since all of our products are web-based, all of your company’s data and resources are available at every location, even outside Employees can review the Working status or production schedule over the internet.

Customer Relationship Management & Contact Management

At JaMi ERP , our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions can help companies get the most from every contact their company has with customers and prospects, plus deliver high-quality customer service that can set their businesses apart from the competition. JaMi ERP has a knowledge-based information system built in so a customer service representative can enter in a question and the knowledge base can help find the correct answer to help the customer faster. Our workflow management system will automatically route all questions to the correct department for a fast turnaround.

Distribution Supply Chain and Retail Point of Sale Management

Our distribution solutions meet the specialized requirements of durable or non-durable wholesale distribution companies, regardless of the size or nature of their business. Our Point Of Sale (POS) solution is web-based so interfacing all the stores Or Businesses is automatic working.

Human Resources and Payroll Solutions

Managing a company’s greatest asset, its employees often present major challenges to growing organizations. Our integrated line of Human Resources, payroll, benefits and compliance solutions provides comprehensive and robust tools that streamline critical employee-oriented business processes

Fixed Asset Management

We offer fixed asset management solutions to meet the diverse demands of growing businesses, including solutions designed specifically to help government, Business, and nonprofit organizations meet government and asset accounting requirements.

Nonprofit and Government

Nonprofit, Business, and Personal organizations have their own unique accounting and fundraising demands and we develop systems designed specifically to meet their needs.

E-Commerce and Web

JaMi ERP has a built-in E-commerce module to meet the needs of any company, we offer an array of different designs and styles to make your E-Commerce site unique

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